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Your simple will.

Where does time go?

Do you have time to spend travelling to see your legal advisor, time to sit down and go through your estate, time to travel back after the initial consult. Do have further time to return to have your will executed by returning to your legal advisor.  InstaWill is aimed at making your time more productive. The will that you receive would be the same as if you came to our offices and spent between $440 to $880.00.  If you value your time and your finances then InstaWill may be the perfect estate planning product for you.

Signing a Contract


Time poor and idea rich

InstaWill is a legal product and legal service created and owned by Law Shared Pty Ltd.  The product is for use in Australia only.  The team behind Law Shared are lawyers and provide legal advice to their clients.  By purchasing a will from InstaWill you will retain Law Shared as your legal representative in relation to your will.  You agree that the work that Law Shared has done was prior to finalisatiion of the work and you are paying for an initial consult and the InstaWill completed work is free of any charge when you purchase either a single or couple's will kit.